Traditional Festivals Around The World

Spain is a beautiful country found on the southwestern part of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula to the east of Portugal. Due to its natural beauty and plenty of business opportunities, it has attracted the hearts of many businessmen, holiday makers, tourists, sportsmen and international meetings.

The best top ten traditional festivals in Spain are as follows:

Pamplona Bull Run – Held every year on July between six to fourteenth, this is the worlds’ biggest outdoor party which attracts thousands to participate in the San Fermin fiestas and the running of bull in Pamplona. The festivities includes wining, eating of delicious Spanish foods and dances.

Semana Santa – These festivals also referred to as the Holy Week held majorly in Andalucia, Malaga and Seville is held annually on the last week that leads to Easter Sunday. It makes for a spectacular show and respect for Jesus, Trian and El Gran Poder.

Tomatina Tomato Fight – It takes place on every last Wednesday in the month of August. It is probably the world’s biggest food fight which attracts people in their thousands. This festival is held in the town of Bunol some few kilometers from Valencia.

Las Fallas Festival – Held annually from 15 to 19 of March in Valencia; this is a wild party filled with smoke, fireworks and born-fires lit across the streets. Thousands of people come out to celebrate dressed in funny costumes with the main intention of having wild fun.

Tenerife Carnivals – This is the best carnival parties falling second place only to those held in Rio de Janeiro. This party continues non-stop for 27 days during February, and it brings all the Islanders out to have a good time. The main venue for the festivities is at Santa Cruz de Tenerife where people dance to the tunes of salsa and make merry.

La Merce Festival Castellers – This is another great Spanish festival where they make a castle by people standing on each other’s shoulders in stacks in order to form a castle-like structure. The heavy strong people stand at the lower bases of the human castle while light often young people form the upper part of the castle. It is held annually on every twenty-fourth of September. It is referred to as the festivity of “Our Lady of Mercy”.

Sant Joan Fiesta – This fiesta is held in the town of Ciutadella in Menorca. It is the most exciting festival that is held annually between the date of 23 to 24 June. It is marked with the most colorful and attractive festivities of all the parties held in Spain.

Feria de Abril – This party is held in April annually in Seville. The event is marked with riders on horses and other horses drawing carriages. In the evening the event is marked with pitching of tents and playing lovely music accompanied by dances.

St. John’s Bonfires – Held in summer in Alicante whereby the streets are filled with figures of St. John accompanied with fireworks. This bonfire is known as las Hogueras is accompanied by parades, and entertaining barracas shows.

Fiesta San Isidro – It occurs in Madrid between the 2 to 15 of May annually. It is marked by outdoor pilgrimage dubbed “romeria” which sees thousands of people gather around St. Isidore’s Hermitage Chapel for the festivities.