Bridal Mehndi and Henna Art – Mississauga, Ontario

The number of brides, girls and women around the world obtaining henna and Mehndi design is increasing everyday. People are not settling for just one but two, three or more. This has created a need for henna artists. But how do I become one. Here are a few things you will need to know to become a certified bridal henna artist.

First and foremost, no one here is going to tell you designing your own Mehndi design is going to be easy. What we will tell you is that it will be fun! If you don’t consider yourself an Mehndi artist have no fears. Designing your own Mehndi design is simply about articulating the design to a qualified artist that will be laying down your ink. What helps a Henna artist the most is for someone to come into their shop with a good idea of what they want.

Learning Traditional Bridal Henna and Mehndi Art

Bridal Mehndi design
Having a sketch of a basic design and being able to explain the components that will make the design mean the most to you assists your chosen tattoo artist to give you a piece that you and they can be proud of. After all it is you that will have to live with it! Many Mehndi design artists can freehand designs for you and if you have some artistic ability yourself even better. However, they are many things to consider before picking out that killer design. Where is it going on your body? What colors are you wanting, or is this going to be black and white? Is the Mehndi designed in a way to continue looking good for years to come?

All of the questions you can have answered ahead of time will greatly help your design session go very well. Our pages will provide you the tools to be prepared and to choose a henna artist that will best match what you are looking to get out of your tattoo.

You finally have the guts to get your own Mehndi design. It is important that you know how to care for a new tat. Henna can symbolize many things about a person. For one, it can represent your personality like in the case of tattoos. The act of getting a henna design also says something about your personality. They can also be a representation of your views and feelings about certain topics. Moreover, you can get a tattoo to depict a significant event in your life.

There are many reasons for getting a bridal henna design. And it is important that you choose the right one. It is also equally important to know how to care for your new tat. You do not want all that artistic hard work and the pain that you have experienced go to waste.

Here are some tips that you should know on how to care for new Mehndi design.

  • Getting a henna design is like having a wound that looks like artwork. That is why you also have to take care of it just like you would a fresh wound. For instance, you should apply antibiotic ointment or cream on the tattoo to prevent infection and to keep it from drying out. It also prevents scarring which you do not want to have. Usually, the tattoo artist will do this for you.
  • The Mehndi artist will also cover your new tat with a clean bandage to protect it from dirt and dust. Your clothes will also be protected from stain caused by the ink and blood. Do not remove the bandage for two hours.
  • Once you have removed the bandage and you can see liquid-like substance oozing from the wound, wipe it off with clean tissue. Apply another thin layer of antibacterial ointment to prevent infection. You do not have to wear any bandage when the oozing stopped.
  • The most difficult part is when you go to bed. It is important to wear loose shirts made of cotton. It would even be better if you wear sleeveless. Avoid the sheets as much as possible to prevent the tat from sticking to the sheets.
  • It is important to keep your tattoo clean at all times by washing it with mild soap every morning.

Mehndi design - Ontario
By following the above tips and listening closely to what your tattoo artist tells you to do, you can prolong significantly the life of your ink. Beyond the initial care remember to apply suntan lotion of $50 or higher to your tattoo when in direct sunlight. Your Mehndi design is embedded in your skin and if you skin is not well maintained it will alter the appearance of the artwork.

Understanding the art of Henna and Mehndi design

When it comes to tattoos there are many reasons people get them. Some have personal meanings that only the person getting it knows, some just nostalgic keeping a special memory always close, or even resembling a greater, more traditional meaning. For the more traditional we will highlight them and direct you to a dedicated site on that topic, but for the rest we will provide some tips on getting the most out of your meaningful tattoo.

First and foremost if you are looking for traditional henna design, please visit our site dedicated to bridal henna designs. There you will continue to find the latest bridal henna designs behind traditional Mehndi art and resources to continue your research. There are often varying beliefs and specific items that in part contribute to the overall meaning.

If you are creating a Mehndi design in memory of a person or an event in your life, consider not just the main piece, but the other components that may contribute to the overall design. These additional details not only add to the meaning, but can often provide more depth and visually appealing tattoos. For example, if about an event, what other things did you see or do while this event was taking place? Was it during a particular season or for a special occasion that it was taking place? These components may give your artist ideas to incorporate into the design of your tattoo.

If the Mehndi design is dedicated to a person that carries great meaning for you, did they have favorite things to do? Did they say certain things you always recall when thinking of them? Adding these things into your tattoo design can give you a long standing memory that also has an overall cool design. The additional attributes can also allow your artist to layout the design in a way that matches the contours of your body creating an overall better design.

For whatever reason and meaning you have for getting your tattoo, thinking beyond the main subject matter usually ends up as a much better tattoo. So take your time and make sure you consider everything when choosing the right components for your tattoo design. Also consider visiting our other site that is specific to traditional meanings of tattoos. The combination of specific memories and traditional designs may give you exactly what you want in a tattoo and have it say exactly what you want it to say!!